The Electric DeLorean

2011/10/15 - 121 Comments

“This sucker’s Electrical??”

Yes! You’re looking at the brand-new, all-electric DeLorean which debuted at the DMC Texas – Open House Event Oct.14th, 2011.

For several years, DeLorean Motor Company of Texas has been reconstituting the fruit of John Z. Deloreans’s troubled loins (phrasing!). Now we are working with electric-car startup Epic EV to put an all-electric DMC-12 into production by 2013.

The DMC-EV Electric DeLorean on ABC News

DMC CEO Stephen Wynne meets and speaks with ABC TV News
to introduce and demonstrate the New Electric DeLorean.

All the attention towards the DMC-EV Electric DeLorean kind of took us by surprise! We have made the SpecSheet and Press Release available for viewing and download, and feel free to sign up for future news and announcements! You may also visit


  • scz says:

    damn sign me up! wonder how much it’ll be

  • YES!!!! awesome, ive always wanted an electric DMC! Amazing! I love it! and hopefully in 2013 i’ll be able to afford it :D!!

  • Nobilangelo Ceramalus says:

    I hope it will make the right sounds when it hits 88mph.

  • And can be started by banging your forehead on the steering-wheel…

  • Matthew says:

    I’ve been following since webpage version one. I’ve Been wanting a delorean since I was born in 1983. And I knew from birth I was going to own one of these cars. I wish you guys all the best in

  • I would love to convert my 83 to be electric.
    I’m also thinking that the front hood could be converted to a substantial solar panel… probably get nearly 200W out of it.

    The car could probably top off the batteries sitting in the parking lot while I’m working for the day.

    This is brilliant and I definitely look forward to seeing more information on this.

    • Matt says:


      It can take 8-10hrs to recharge batteries on 120V (12A). That’s 1440W for 10 hours, or 14.4kWh. At 200W for 8 hours, you could have 1.6kWh.

      That just isn’t going to cut it.

    • cron says:

      it wouldnt recharge it from dead, but i also hope you wont be driving 100 miles to work.

    • Lakawak says:

      That’s why he said “top off” his batteries, not fully recharge.

      I don’t think too many people will buy electric cars if their daily commute is even CLOES to being the range limit of batteries.

    • Doctor Brown says:

      Did you say 1.6 JIGGAWATTS!? That would be just enough to power the flux capacitor. You all know that is what makes time travel possible. This really must be a time machine.

    • Logan says:

      200 watts? You’re going to need at least 1.21 gigawatts.

    • Mark Walsh says:

      Some guy here uses solar panels for the roof on his NEV. On a perfect day, the energy that is put into his batteries is the equivalent of almost two miles of driving.

  • Amaze says:

    But does it require 1.21 Gigawatts to run?

  • Doc Brown says:


  • Marty McFly says:

    They did!!

  • zatoichi says:

    un’incredibile tuffo nel passato…….vi auguro ogni bene e migliore fortuna dell’altra volta !!

  • Jan says:

    This is a great idea.
    but i think instead of a sportscar with 260 HP that runs 125 MHP you should make it more economical. looks like it keeps the old drivetrain and just puts an electric motor where the combustion engine used to be. Why not throw out all that stuff and put in wheel hub motors?
    is this is supposed to be a future car, why keep technology of the past?
    make it a cruise car and limit it to 80mph and get more miles out of it.

  • I need to have one of these right now! (or 2013) Woot!

  • McFly says:

    so this sucker isn’t nuclear anymore? does it come with Mr Fusion?

  • Luke says:

    I see that they’re using a Momo steering wheel. Even though this is only a prototype, at least put a little bit of effort into making the seams on the dash straight. Car will probably sell at over 30k, present it well.

  • McCreEp says:

    Jan’s right. . if your going to re-tooL. . Why not do John Proud?!? he was an incredible engineer & a visionary. So much so Detroit had the Government hunt him down & ruin his Life! Just LIke they did Tucker 50 years earLier! Make a new version a Testament to Mr. DeLorean & his Legacy. . not just a “fad chasing cash cow”. . how disgusting! i bet you gonna vote for Rcik Perry too huh. . ?

  • What fun! I worked for DMC in the early 80’s at the CA Quality Assurance Center. It was such a fun time! Every now and again I pull out the scrapbook and relive the fun times. LOL So glad to see the car ride again. Woo hoo!

  • The Doctor says:

    I’ll just travel to 2013 in my TARDIS and have one early!

  • Dr Arzola says:

    I would get one if it has some more modern head lights and more modern wheels…hard to trade from current 19inch on my current Porsche to anything less IMO…I hope they have that available

  • Chritian says:

    excelente!! ahora lo dificil es conseguir un ejemplar jajajaja

  • Andey says:

    I’ll probably never be able to afford one, but still cool

  • Paul Bailey says:

    If you need a beta tester in the Houston area, who commutes a lot, look me up. Would love to drive an electric Delorean!

  • Just be sure to build them with LiFEPO4 cells and leave battery management systems out. Lithium oxide cells and BMSes cause catastrophic fires and have no place in a car.

  • Homero says:

    let it “FLY” MAC –to the future. i’ll get one. it was almost produced in P.R. where I live.

  • Homero says:

    none needed. its my perfect comment.. Like J.K.Skilling said in “PIPE DREAMS” IN 2001-“I’M BRILLIANT”. END OF THIS COMMENT.

  • Great!! Bring it to Switzerland – waiting 4 it! Keep me informed. Thank you! …

  • @DMC: do you plan to make the Electric road legal in Europe? It will be a worthy contender for the Tesla Roadster, which is soon going out of production. I now drive a 2000 model Th!nk City EV.

  • I own a 1982 DeLorean in original condition.
    It has 11,000 miles and is in great running condition. I,ve had it since 1998. I drive it enough to keep it road worthy. Body is in prime condition.
    I love getting it out on the road and turn some heads. The only mechinical work done has been replacing all hoses.
    I used to be a member of the Delorean Motor Club and enjoyed the time spent there as a member. I am interested in rejoining.
    Let me know.

    Edward J.Wright 44951 Harlas Ave
    Lancaster ,Ca. 93534

  • Alex says:

    I’ll take one, can I put it on lay away?

    Great way to bring the car into the future.

    Oh and anybody wondering why they just don’t build a new version of the DMC-12, I doubt they have the millions that it would cost to build the prototypes and test them before going into a production so stop hating and be happy we still have this car around.

  • D.C. says:

    Awesome. 4 Years ago I thought I’d buy a DeLorean but ended up with a Lotus Esprit.

    Now I know what to save for next…

  • Adam says:

    This is awesome! I am glad to see a great car actually get the right technology implanted. After seeing the pic’s, I would agree to really add more modern touches and innovative features to the package. If I’m going to fork up $100k for a car, I want it to offer that in design and tech.

    Either way, great job and keep up the good work.

  • Nad8e says:

    Only if the wheels retract and it will fly!

  • Speedmeister says:

    Is it going to be plug-in or Mr. Fusion? Either way, kudos to you guys for increasing the already ultra-coolness by truly following the path to the future. Some day I hope to afford one!

  • Hans says:

    This car will be amazing!!!

    Specially if it were fitted with the new battery technology called “Kolibri battery” from DBM Energy developed in Germany just now!

    You can do 400 mile range, 6 min charge, 90% cheaper to built. Plus they have certification and they are ready to produce them today!

    I could easily imagine a future where a Delorean is such a popular car that you would see it everywhere, and each with different technologies…

    I hope this comes to Europe one day soon…

    …and one day, it will run on garbage and it will fly! lol why not?


  • Matt says:

    A flux capacitor that shows you how much charge you have would be a nice touch :)

    I didn’t know these cars were still around, you don’t see many/any in the UK

  • That’s awesome news, I’d buy one for sure. Lightning rod recharges for the Delorean storm chasers?

  • Daniel says:

    I just hope they don’t fuck the whole thing up like Nike did with it’s Air Mags. Don’t just build 300 of it and sell it on ebay. Would be lame.

    I’m gonna do everything to get one of these anyway.

  • Kirk says:

    Here in Brazil we are very happy that this car will return …

  • Jeramie says:

    I read on another article through BTTF’s Facebook that this newer electric version is expected to come out in the $90,000-$100,000 range…so your average DeLorean fan won’t even come close to being able to purchase one. Still very cool, nonetheless.

  • Ken says:

    One word… Tesla

  • Please, sell it in France. I’ve never seen a Delorean, just photos. But because of Back to the future, I love this car. (and sorry for my english).

  • Doc says:

    Does it run on 1.21 jiggawatts and a Flux Capacitor?

  • Kevin says:

    Y’all need to create some rockin’ EV wallpapers!

  • Cobalt says:

    what we all want to kniw it… can it do 88?

  • Let me rephrase that. Get that BMS off of that car NOW before you burn it to the ground.

  • Martin says:

    It is nice that you are thinking about telephone integration however the iphone dock right upfront is not the best idea for a couple of reasons.
    1) phones change over time. If you design to one by the time the car is out another is available and different
    2) not everyone has an iphone, but android phones are quite good.
    3) consider mounting somewhere else as that dock gets in the way of everything.
    4) It might be a good idea to have removable phone trays. BMW calls these snap in adapters, and they are plastic phone holders that go under the arm rest to connect your phone. This page has some photos
    BMW uses PEIKER Electronics to design their snap in adapters. I am sure Peiker in Germany would be open to doing something similar or just use the same snap in adapters

  • David R says:

    I hope the flux capacitor doesn’t drain the batteries!

  • shesnailie says:

    _@_v – “if my calculations are correct, when this baby hits eighty-eight miles per hour… you’re gonna see some serious shit. “

  • 1982 DMC-12 says:

    i always known that i will get one and now that i know your starting it up again can i submit my 2014 delorean pics?

  • 1982 DMC-12 says:

    or should i say drawings?

  • Dino says:

    Be cool if the people at DeLorean teamed up with Brazillian automaker Obvio who has some cool cars…and work together.

  • I hope this car go to be available in France or Spain too, many fans wait this since long time ago. Thank you very much !

  • Delorean1981 says:

    This sucker’s electrical !

  • Tamas Kalman says:

    Best news of the day!!! =)

  • luis says:

    ahh what it is to live in the 80s back to the future and now back to the past 10000 giga wats to run the car

  • John says:

    I WANT THIS SO BAD, MAN. A brand new electric DeLorean? This is the stuff DREAMS are made of! And I want it! Please be reasonable with the prices. and SHUT UP AND TAKE MY MONEY!!

  • Pussyplunger says:

    So let me get this straight. The car is $100,000. It goes 0-60 in over 8 seconds and has a little over 100 mile range. That won’t even cover my commute to and from work on a daily basis. What a waste of time and money this is going to be.

    • Pete Staines says:

      I agree 100%. Lets not forget that the car trades on the sucess of a movie and looking cool, nothing more. If it looked like a Pontiac Aztek we’d all be laughing at it. Time to move on people!

    • Ed says:

      You commute over 100 miles to work each day???!!! WTF!! I patrol 11 hours a day and this is only 70 miles. BTW correction, these cars go 0-60 in less than 4 seconds and use no gas, oil, etc… This alone will save most people a couple thousand dollars a year.

  • I’d buy one right now, if you would let me! I’ll even arrange transport to Europe myself…

  • Jay says:

    Count me in!

  • Barry Wrangler says:

    I hope you’ll make a right hand drive version of this for release in Austrlia.
    This is the first car I have ever really wanted.

  • DMCizzle says:

    Definetly Man Car
    DMC =

  • Marrock says:

    Just needs a Mr. Fusion and we’re good to go.

  • Peter Ptacek says:

    Electric is perfection, electric is future!

  • Matt says:

    Awesome. Is this version of the DMC-12 going to have airbags?

  • Tanguy Closset says:

    Hello Gentlemen,

    Nice work, you are doing !
    I hope that DeLorean will be able to bring the car to the european market, if it comes fully electric, european people may be really interested into it.

    Would you exchange my 20-year old Porsche against a DMC-12 ? :-)



  • Chris Paradise says:

    If you guys want a serious shot at the market all the advertising has been done with back to the future movies. Now that they are electric and people dont wanna pay for the outragous price of gas sell them at a reasonable rate make a small profit it is an investment into your companies future. make a deal with the us government to give tax breaks or garunteed financing to all who apply. start designing family electric vehicles also sell them cheap for a set number of years. this allows the business to propetuate and payback loans. like how kia started out. being electric much more cost effective to repair and the less moving parts makes mechanical breakdown a minimum. The odds are in your favor. make them nice sell them cheap. buy out gm’s debt become a force to contend. John Delorean then will finally have acheive what he set out to do.
    If you want to give me one free for the good advice Ill take one only because I cant afford one I have way too many children and my financial situation wont allow me to make a purchase like this for at least 20 years and I maybe dead by then. Always wanted one wince I seen it in back to the future when I was a kid. just a dream to me.

  • Limpens says:

    Un grand bonjour au mhyte américain j’ai hâte de la sortie de cet DMC EV car je serais le premier a l’importer en france…=D

    A big hello to the American mhyte I look forward to of the release of this DMC EV because I would be the first one has the importer in France…=D

  • tom westwood says:

    sign me up.

  • Bob says:

    (This comment didn’t seem to be acknowledged last time) ..
    Neat idea ..
    It seems too heavy on cornering and tends to roll.
    Have an active electric/electronic suspension system installed to overcome this problem.
    If electric shockers are used, some wasted energy in traversing bumps (especially on our commuter roads in Australia) could be reclaimed.
    Don’t use airbags (horrible and dangerous things). Use full harness seatbelts instead.

  • Robbo says:

    Will we be able to stuff a Chev V8 in it? Using Coal or Uranium created power is dumber than using oil!!!!!!!!

  • Doc Brown says:

    And in 2015 hover conversion will be available. I know, I just got back from there.

  • UrfriendinTIME says:

    I WANT THIS CAR!!!! You can have your Lamborghinis, your Ferraris, your Porsches, BMWs, etc. This car will always be on the top of my desired list. I remember one time while I was driving on the highway a Delorean pulled up in front of me. I actually took out my camera to attempt to film it while still at the wheel!

  • Ed says:

    This is really cool. I want one! I have been doing a lot of research on electric cars. Tesla, Nissan, Fisker, Mercedes, Ford, Mitsubishi, Lexus to name a few all making electric cars. The better of these cars performing 0-60 less than 5 sec, 150+ mile range, fast charge, 0 emissions, and less than 2/3 of the pollution and carbon per mile than gas cars. These cars use less electricity to charge than watching TV and playing video games. This means less pollution even to charge (coal, etc…) than gas combustion engines. You get performance, power, and 0 emissions. This is exciting!

  • John Kruger says:

    YES!!! I am a 17 yo who has always dreamed of owning a DeLorean! Now my wish may come true!!!!

  • Jeanette says:

    This is Beautiful! I waaaant one!

  • Vesperto says:

    It’s 2013 already, market it! Get Tesla’s drivetrain, it must reach 88mph. And sell it in Europe too!

  • Dr Richard W Gray says:

    Can I order two for the UK now? My competitive friend wants one the same already…

  • rein heht says:

    Mc Fly….. were going with a twin turbo boxer! P.S. see you at the malt shop.

  • Seth says:

    Take a cue from Nissan’s big mistake and include a temperature management system like Tesla and the Volt have.

  • Takumi says:

    Awesome ! Exciting one!

  • Bruce says:

    I think Tesla has the best idea with ia rear electric motor. It kind of reminds me od a Tucker.

  • Bruce says:

    I do not like the Nisan Leaf because it looks like a commuter car with an electric motor that looks like a gas motor and it still uses front wheel drive.

  • Bruce says:

    I have an idea on making solar panels that will be 10-20 times more efficient if you like my idea I will give it to you for the price of one of your new electric Delorean cars.

  • Disappointed says:

    Fifteen months later, it looks like this “electric DeLorean” announcement was just a cheap vaporware stunt to generate publicity for the company. What a shame.

  • stephen says:

    so hot but i’ll drive the original 82 dmc12

  • Steve Bunnell says:

    Hi guys at DMC,

    How is this project coming along. I was looking through the site trying to find any electric DeLoreans for sale or a page talking about them and I only found this page so far. It’s 2014 now. Is this car in production? Have anyone bought one? I’m really curious for an update!

    Best Regards,
    Steve Bunnell

  • lars b amble says:

    it’s 2014! progress update??

  • Darren says:

    OK, it’s 2014 now, where is this car?

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