DMC Core, Shipping and Return Policy


Claims for missing or incorrect items must be reported to DMC within 24 hours of receipt of order by phone, fax or email. No returns or refunds after 30 days. If we ship you an incorrect item, we will correct the situation as soon as possible. Unless the error is ours, a 20% restocking charge may be applied at our discretion. No returns or refunds on electrical or special order items. In order for us to process any return, you must receive a ‘return authorization’ from us. Please call, write or email to receive a refund authorization. Please note that the fastest processing occurs when you call us for your return authorization.


We base our shipping charges on the actual or dimensional weight of your order, the zip code to which the order is being shipped, and the speed in which you request to have your order shipped. Shipping costs are added to your order at the time of checkout.

Core Deposits

A core deposit is required on some parts to encourage you to return your original old part so that it can be rebuilt. Core deposits on some parts are very high because they are irreplaceable – if these cores are not returned, there may no longer be any available for rebuild in the future. Cores returned for credit must be accompanied by a copy of your invoice, and it must be exactly the same part as the one you received, complete and assembled, empty of fluids and reasonably clean.

We highly recommend that you compare the part that you receive from us with the one you are replacing before installing. If they are different, please call us for instructions. Sometimes, the part you may be replacing is an aftermarket part or one that is from another car that “works” or has been modified to fit. The customer sends this “core” expecting to be refunded their deposit plus he has now installed the rebuilt part which we sent, neither of which is acceptable for a refund. No COD’s for core deposit refunds will be accepted. FedEx pickup service is available upon request, the charge for this service will be deducted from your refund. Core charges are refundable upon receipt of rebuildable part. To receive full credit, core must be returned within 45 days of invoice date. After 45 days, 75%; after 6 mo. 50%; after 1 year 25%. DMC reserves the right to prorate or refuse the fees for cores returned after 45 days from invoice date.