1. General

1.1 This privacy policy (”Privacy Policy”), describes how DeLorean Motors Reimagined LLC with its registered place of business at 940 Corbindale, Houston, TX 77024, USA  (“DeLorean”), collects, uses, discloses, stores and otherwise processes Personal Data.

1.2 We respect your right to privacy, and we are committed to comply with applicable data protection rules and to safeguard your rights. We want to make sure that you are aware of what types of information we collect or obtain from you via the website (, how this information is used and how we protect it.

1.3 This Privacy Policy describes, amongst other things, which information we collect about you, how your Personal Data is processed and for what purposes we collect and use your Personal Data. This Privacy Policy also describes your rights and how you can contact us about the use of your Personal Data.

1.4 DeLorean is the data controller responsible for processing your Personal Data in accordance with applicable data protection legislation.

2. What types of data do we collect?

2.1 Personal data means all types of information which can, directly or indirectly, be used to identify a living physical person (“Personal Data”).

2.2 DeLorean collects and processes Personal Data about you when you visit our website, including:
(i) information about how you use our website and service; and (ii) technical data, which may include your URL, IP address, unique device ID, network and computer performance, browser type, language and identifying information, general geographical location and operating system.

2.3 DeLorean further collects your contact information (such as name, email address and personal website URL, if applicable) if you provide it to us through a form or if you comment on a story on our website.

2.4 We may also collect information about how you interact with e-mails and other communications from DeLorean.

2.5 We also collect cookies. Information about how we store and use cookies is described in our cookie policy, available at

3. Why do we collect your personal data

Personal Data is collected for the following purposes and using the following services:

3.1 Analytics: We collect your Personal Data to monitor and analyze web traffic and to keep track of website user behavior. This allows us to ensure the efficient technical functioning of the website and analyze the use of the website and allows us to develop and improve the website.

3.2 Contact: We collect your Personal Data for the purposes of contacting you with information about our products or services. By filling in the contact form with DeLorean, we will use this information to reply to your requests for information, quotes or any other kind of request as indicated by the form’s header.

3.3 When leaving a comment on this website, we may collect your name, email address and website. This list is not used for any purpose other than as a site archive. We may use this information to contact you if a question raised by you comment requires follow-up.

3.4 We may also use your data for purposes of fulfilling our legal and regulatory obligations.

4. To whom do we disclose your personal data

We may disclose your Personal Data to the below organizations:

4.1 Google Analytics (Google LLC): Google Analytics is a web analysis service provided by Google LLC (“Google”). Google utilizes Personal Data collected to track and examine the use of our website, to prepare reports on its activities and share them with other Google services. Google may use information collected to contextualize and personalize the ads of its own advertising network.

4.2 Shopify Inc. (Shopify): Shopify provides software used by us to run our businesses. Your information may be disclosed to Shopify for the purposes of DeLorean performing economic transactions with you.

4.3 Klaviyo Inc. (Klaviyo): Klaviyo is an email address management and message sending service. We may disclose your Personal Data to Klaviyo to allow us to send you communications regarding our products and services.

4.4 We may disclose your Personal Data as may be required by law or to fulfill our legal obligations. We may also disclose your Personal Data in order to safeguard DeLorean’s legal interests or to detect, prevent, or draw attention to frauds or other safety or technical problems.

4.5 We will not sell, trade, or lease your Personal Data to third parties. However, DeLorean may share Personal Data with trusted subcontractors in order to provide you with our services. They may need access to the Personal Data in their work for us, but they will not be allowed to use the Personal Data for any other purpose.

4.6 Unless otherwise set forth in any specific information regarding our processing of your Personal Data, DeLorean will not transfer your Personal Data to any country outside the USA or EU/EEA.

5. The legal grounds for processing personal data

DeLorean’s processing of your Personal Data is based on certain legal grounds. These legal grounds are described below.

5.1 Legitimate interests

DeLorean processes your Personal Data for the legitimate interests as described above in Section 3 of this Privacy Policy.

5.2 Performance of a contract

DeLorean processes your Personal Data in situations where it is necessary for the performance of a contract with you. For example, if you purchase our products or if you make inquiries about such products.

5.3 Consent

DeLorean’s processing of your Personal Data is based on your consent where you provide us with your email address by signing up for our newsletter on our website. You can at any time withdraw your consent to such processing either by clicking the unsubscribe link in our newsletter or by contacting us. For contact details see section 9 below.

5.4 Legal obligation

DeLorean may process your Personal Data for the purpose of complying with safety standards and other statutory requirements, based on the legal ground that this is necessary for compliance with a legal obligation to which DeLorean is subject.

6. For how long do we store your personal data?

6.1 Your Personal Data is stored only for as long as there is a need to keep the data in order to fulfill the purposes for which the data was collected in accordance with this Privacy Policy.

6.2 The Personal Data will be deleted if:

    1. the purpose of collection and use of Personal Data has been achieved; or
      2. you withdraw your consent (if applicable) to the collection of Personal Data by contacting us (for contact information, please see Section 9 below).

7. Protection of your personal data

7.1 You should always feel secure when you provide your Personal Data to us. We have employed a wide range of security measures to help protect your Personal Data against undue access, modification and deletion.

7.2 We protect your Personal Data using commercially reasonable safeguards to prevent loss, misuse, unauthorized access, disclosure, alteration, and destruction. These measures include data encryption, firewalls, automatic timeouts and one-time access links that expire within hours. Therefore, you can rest assure that your Personal Data is in safe hands.

8. Your Rights

Depending on your U.S. state or country of residence, you may be entitled to some or all of the following rights:

8.1 Corrections, additions
You may be entitled to access your Personal Data for viewing and to request that we correct or update your Personal Data.

8.2 Restriction of use and data portability
Under certain circumstances (expressed in applicable data protection legislation of your jurisdiction), you may request that DeLorean restricts the use of your Personal Data or delete your Personal Data. If you have provided us with Personal Data, you also have the right to have your Personal Data provided to you, in a structured and accessible format, for transfer to another user/processor.

8.3 Non-discriminatory treatment

You have the right to be free from discriminatory treatment with regards to our services if you choose to exercise your data rights.

8.4 Requests and Complaints
If you wish to exercise any of the abovementioned rights or if you have any questions regarding Personal Data held by us or this Privacy Policy, please do not hesitate to contact us (for contact information, please see section 9 below).

Should you be dissatisfied with our processing of your Personal Data, please let us know, and we will do our best to mitigate your complaints. Your integrity is very important to us, and we always strive to protect and secure your Personal Data in the best possible way. Should we nevertheless, in your opinion, fail in this ambition, please note that you are also entitled to lodge a complaint with the regulatory authority appropriate for your U.S. state or country of residence.

9. How to contact us

You can contact us at DeLorean Motors Reimagined LLC, 940 Corbindale Rd., Houston, TX 77024, or at our email [email protected].

10. California privacy

Privacy laws in California give California consumers certain privacy rights related to their Personal Data, which may include those rights described in Section 8. More information can be found at the website of the Attorney General for the State of California, located here.

If you have any questions or concerns regarding our privacy practices under this California Privacy Section, please contact us at DeLorean Motors Reimagined LLC, 940 Corbindale Rd., Houston, TX 77024, or at our email [email protected].

Last Updated: February 12, 2022

We will update this Privacy Policy from time to time by posting a view version on our website. Please check this page routinely to be aware of any recent changes to this Privacy Policy.


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